Negotiation Strategy Advice

Concorde Inc. offers negotiation strategy advice to assist you to achieve the best possible deal. We will work with you at all stages of your negotiation, from pre-session readiness training to coaching during the heat of negotiation, to ideas for breaking any impasses, and by reviewing your agreement before you sign to ensure it is in your best interest and that it is a sound agreement.

Mediation Services

Our main area of specialization is mediating complex, multi-party, multi-issue disputes, including those occurring at the local, provincial, national and international levels. We design and facilitate multi-party consensus processes, such as roundtable meetings, summits, dialogues, problem-solving workshops, community consultations, and forums.

We also provide a general practice in mediation services in Victoria, where Dr. Evan Hoffman is based. Plus, we provide online mediation services across Canada.

Dispute Resolution System Design

Concorde Inc. can assist your organization to design and implement a customized Dispute Resolution System to effectively manage internal conflicts and those that arise with suppliers and clients.