Examples of Concorde’s Previous Work

Example #1

Concorde was asked by their lawyer to mediate between two families who co-owned and operated a successful, and growing, lakefront resort. With their rapid growth came increasingly severe and personalized disagreements on how to effectively manage this change.  Concorde’s comprehensive services included site-based mediation and organizational change management coaching, design of a new management structure, and mediation to establish a mutually acceptable new ownership arrangement. The business continues to be very successful.

Example # 2

Two social service agencies in the same county with similar mandates, overlapping case loads, restricted and diminishing budgets asked Concorde to develop a process to enhance relations and communication between the two agencies and individuals; to establish groundwork for a working relationship that addressed a request from government funding agencies to work together without duplication of service. Our intervention was critical as the new working relationship has allowed the agencies to deal more effectively with severe funding cuts and still maintain client service that keeps each agency vital.

Example #3

The Department of Justice Canada hired Concorde to design, develop, and deliver an intensive ten day Mediating Harassment course in English and French for selected public servants. Participants learned about the nature of conflict, its causes and ways of dealing with it; developed their skills in mediation, communication and strategies as they relate to conflict management; learned and practised the mediation process; and received constructive feedback regarding their skills. Participants are now providing mediation of harassment cases in government departments.

Example #4

At the direction of the City of Ottawa, Concorde was appointed to conduct the first stage of the Rideau Street Conflict Resolution Exercise. Working independently with some 20 key stakeholders, Concorde determined that there was willingness to negotiate a settlement to a multi-million dollar dispute between the city of Ottawa and the property owners on Rideau Street over the installation of a glass-covered promenade.

 Example #5

The city of Ottawa appointed Concorde to design a process for stakeholder groups and citizens to resolve several issues concerning the city’s vision for the future of the core of Ottawa. Concorde designed and facilitated a transformative, interactive process involving 400 people participating in fourteen simultaneous citizen workshops for the Central Area Forum. A single negotiated text report of the exercise was prepared for the city by Concorde Inc.